“Tilt Platform” is such a name as well.

The naming project begins with the name of the platform.

By the term “Tilt”, we define the shortly-afterthe-breaking-point situation which bears the nature of irreversibility and incompletion. Taken from the terminology of computer games, and more specifically of Flipper, the term emphasizes, from a different perspective, but at the same time within reason, a common sense: the realization that we are “overdoing” it, that we are stretching our limits without exploring them, the experience of “breaking”, of a fait accompli or past definite, of experience which never reaches the stage to become knowledge).

TILT platform presents works by 35 contemporary Greek and international artists, who deal with the healing methods we develop through art and research, from the perspective of the social, scientific and existential level as well as the illnesses and the challenges of our time.

Besides, the exhibition takes place in Loutraki, a city that is mainly remedial.

How do we define what is normal and what is ill? What can we learn from our  tendency to simulate the machine rather the vice versa, when all the characteristic of human nature, like, mistakes, fatigue, the right to choose, are considered to be bland?

Can we see humans like the virus that destroys the ecology of the planet? What are the boundaries between
the real and the virtual in times of global surveillance? And yet, what does Art stand for in an era so traumatic and so traumatized?

The exhibition aims to approach, through four areas of investigation, the concept of Iasis and the way we define it today.

In the first section of Iasis, we question the concept of normality as a social construct. Through a series
of works that refer to situations and treatment
experiences in contemporary
times, TILT platform focuses not only on our personal relationship with the sick body and the perception of diagnosis as an expression of
aversion or even racism, but also on the concept of trauma and pain at an existential level.

The second area of the exhibition outlines the political and social dimension of the Medical Speech, while coexisting with the magical functioning
of healing, the spell, exorcism, fasting and, of
course, the placing the patient’s health on divine
favor and Luck.

In the third thematic, we find our relation towards
nature, our removal from all
that is natural and the exploration of the urban
landscape, the industry and cyberspace as the new form of techno-nomadism, while in the fourth area of investigation, we attempt to approach the healing properties of Art, as an omnipotent healing tool.


Projected Works

Who we are

TILT platform’s members are: Zoi Pirini, Takis Zerdeva, Maki Faros, Katerina Goutziouli, Michalis Antonopoulos and Fotini Vergidou. The TILT platform’s team is constantly expanding.

We are happy to host two artistic platforms, namely Video Art Miden(Greece)and the Museum of Forgetting (Sweden). This year, we co-operated with Ziria Music Festival (Greece), Focus school of photography & new media, and Deree College.

Museum of Forgetting

Museum of Forgetting

Video Art Miden

Ziria music festival

Ziria music festival

QR walks

Τhe platform QR Walks parasitizes and spreads in the public space.

Site-specific images, videos and music will come up to your mobile or tablet screen via a custom designed application.

Festivart and TILT platform collaborate with the Municipality of Loutraki and continue the digital platform QR Walks, exploring the city of Loutraki with the participation of the students of Focus and Photography School and Deree’s visual department.

Artists: Eirini Velaora, Aliki Papadimitriou, Xara Athanasopoulou, Katerina Giamarellou, Marianna Natsi, Sophia Marshall, Alex Rokadakis, Nadia Elgazzar. Focus Shool Artists: Giorgos Sotiriou, Nektarios Sougleris, Maria Zouridakis.

Finally, the TILT platform will have a small tribute to the “Psiloritis Biennale”, with which, from the first moment, we felt we had an affinity.