The First and Last and Always Psiloritis Biennale

  • :Curated by Stamatios Schizakis
  • ONGOING, 2017
  • @Beau Rivage

If a biennale takes place on the top of a mountain, where there is no one to visit it, can it still be appealing? 

The First, last and eternal biennale of Psiloritis began as an effort to poetically liberate from the institutional framework of work, as an exercise of curatorial and artistic self-sufficiency, as a humorous critique of exhibition conventions and above all, as an experimental platform of modern rural civilization, the spatial and temporal framework for the conception,
design and possible implementation of artworks that confront the
human soul with nature.

Each venture is recorded and imprinted on self-publishing of a small number of copies. Through small but targeted actions at different times, the biennale attempts to synthesize a large-scale exhibition set up in the place and time of Psiloritis.