• :Spiro Stergiou
  • Stippling, Xray, Sound, 2019
  • @Beau Rivage

The work Stigma by Spiro Stergios, is a designed narrative of a healing process using a 0.10 rapidograph on paper.

The stippling technique is used to imprint his subject, brings to mind the analogue photography, since the black and white film records tonalities through grain density.

For the artist, the repetition of the exact same movement that is required by the stippling technique is a way to be present, as he simply concentrates on the rhythm of his hand, while the dots multiply.

About artist

Spiro Stergiou is a photographer based in Athens.

He takes pictures that feel like seeing. Just when people write, they use a different language than the language they use when they speak. There is a subtle difference between a still reality and his photographs.

Although sometimes his work can be described as impressionistic, capturing the actual sensation of light itself in a photograph, Stergiou often uses narrative and personal experience or memories to launch his investigation of what happens in front of the lens.

With the manipulation of lighting, Stergiou depicts the mood and evokes feelings from the one viewing the photo. His compositions are noted for their use of silence and their “near mysticism” that are nonetheless fully engaged in life and memory.

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