• :Rosary Solimanto
  • Video, 3:57 mins, 2017
  • VIDEO ART MIDEN / Φεστιβάλ Μηδέν
  • @Beau Rivage

Historically the social injustice of disability identity was constructed from eugenics programs and institutionalized biomedical infrastructure. Art on this subject is overdue to empower and advocate disability pride and awareness. Objectification and perfectibility of the human body will continue to prevail, until art explores the oppressive stigmatizations associated with disability identity. 

I source my material from exposing the social, political and medical conflicts I face with multiple sclerosis.
November 30, 2017, I performed in front of Trump Tower, at 725 5th Ave, Manhattan. I was a Beggar, in a patient gown, medical ID bracelet, bare feet with a cardboard sign and a cup, begging for help as a political performance.

Rosary Solimanto’s work is presented in collaboration with Video Art Miden.

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