Building Castles in the Cloud

  • :Refrakt
  • 2016
  • @Beau Rivage

We are constantly building castles in the Cloud, always logged into digital space. The perfect world containing our dreams and hopes is a romanticized version of the physical world around us. Not only did we construct an artificial world, but also digital versions of ourselves inhabiting it.

 The paradigm shift in technology has changed social values as well as every aspect of our perception. Whereas there used to be a difference between reality and virtual reality, these boundaries have gotten blurry and eventually will make way to one big mixed reality where we not only consume content but actively participate. In this world of constant connectedness, logging out has become an irregularity.

The installation puts the viewer in focus and visualizes the ubiquitous digital space. By scanning the artworks with the Refrakt app, we get confronted with our own digital alter ego embedded into artifacts of a hyperreal paradise.

About artist

Refrakt is a Berlin-based artist collective and design studio, working on transmedia projects in mixed realities at the intersections of art, design, technology and models of perception.

It was founded in 2015 by Carla Streckwall and Alexander Govoni. In collaboration with Michael Schröder, they developed the augmented reality app Refrakt. It functions as a virtual museum, revealing the increa­singly relevant digital part of our daily lives and social interactions. 

By crossing the boundaries of physical space, various objects of all kinds of media play with the viewer’s perception of parallel realities. The device being used becomes an apparatus for this new world and lets the viewer interact with his immediate surroundings. 

In a digital society where technology increasingly starts to shape our perception and behaviour in everyday life, Refrakt’s work focuses on the nature of the medium itself.

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