• :Klitsa Antoniou
  • Visualizations of Ocean Current Flows Credit to NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.
    Refugees Visual Documents Credit to Omega Television Channel, Cyprus. Video Production Kyriakos Kousoulides.
    Photos courtesy of the artist.
  • Μουσείο της Λήθης
  • @Beau Rivage

ATLANTROPA X, by Klitsa Antoniou, explores a 1920s project by a German architect that proposed the partial draining of the Mediterranean to form a supercontinent. “Antoniou’s work invites the visitor to participate in the emotions of the sea and to
witness the experiences of those who traversed the shores of the Mediterranean from East to the West and South to North.

Antoniou’s own lived experience of becoming a refugee at the age five and witnessing and experiencing the trauma
of war has informed her artistic production.

“Gabriel Koureas, The Mediterranean,Birkbeck, University of London”