Under the same blue sky / 在同一片藍天下 Kάτω από τον ίδιο μπλε ουρανό

  • :Constantin Economou
  • Print of orphaned Slide, 2019
  • Μusem of Forgetting
  • @Beau Rivage

The work takes its starting point in the language of the invitation and the theme of the Beijing Biennale for 2019. Its text echoed the cheerful and future looking rhetoric of the 1960ies. The selected mashed up phrases from the invitation are read in English, Greek, Chinese and other languages resulting in communication confusion. The way that technologies of communication stake their claim of enhancing and bettering of human conditions gives them a strong presence in contemporary troubled times – as does medicine. But translation through artificial means also enforces our trust.

We need to trust its accuracy since we only know few of the languages involved, just like we are asked to trust medicines.